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I am a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Palo Alto, California. (CA license # PSY 19759.) I have been in private practice since 2004.

I provide psychological services to adults who are experiencing difficulties in their personal and/or professional lives. 


Wellesley College

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Pacifica Graduate Institute



Psychotherapy is a process that offers a person an opportunity for self discovery and a means through which important internal and external changes can be made. Some people seek psychotherapy because they are experiencing emotional pain and need relief. Others engage in the process because they are seeking greater meaning in their lives or they want to reach new levels in their development. Whatever the particular reason is, in most cases, people are seeking some sort of transformation, which is a very normal, healthy and impotant thing to do.

I practice analytical psychology, which means that I focus on both conscious and unconscious processes, particularly dreams, to help people identify root causes of problems and make meaningful, lasting changes. This process, which is deeply personal and ultimately spiritual in nature, often leads to new and better ways of relating to oneself and the world, and a greater sense of wholeness.

I view psychological work as one of the greatest of adventures that one can have because it can transform a person in important ways that other experiences often cannot.   

Career Counseling

I offer career-related testing and counseling services to individuals who are seeking new occupations or are wanting to make changes in their existing work situations.

Corporate Consulting

I offer psychological services to corporations to assist in such areas as product development, strategy and employee relationship management.

Areas of Specialization

Treatment of Mood Disorders, Anxiety and Stress

Life Transitions, Such as Divorce, Relocation, Changes in Employment and Physical Illness

Emotional Resilience

Relationship Issues

Career- and Corporate-Related Matters

Spiritual Issues

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Carla Chomka, Ph.D.

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